About EnSiteUSA

Improving the past. Embracing the future.

Across the energy spectrum, we have a long and diverse EPCM project history across North America. That experience — which includes upstream, midstream, downstream, transmission and distribution — gives EnSiteUSA a unique level of field-proven insight on challenges big and small. We combine that with forward-thinking technology to deliver the best solution for your needs.

To the core, we are project management professionals and technical subject matter experts (SMEs). Because we understand the connection between structure and purpose, we have built our company to precisely accommodate our clients. We listen. Whether it’s full- or single-service support you require, we tailor our solutions accordingly. We run lean and without bureaucratic complexity, which means we can adapt quickly and proactively, scaling up or down as needed. We believe that trust is earned on every project, never compromising on safety, integrity or our word. Ultimately, our purpose is to serve our clients. We’ve built a company — and a reputation — for doing just that.

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