The industry's most advanced Project Management tool.

The EnSiteUSA Project Information Center (EPIC), drives efficiency and execution risk mitigation and reduction via real-time reporting and transparency. Every relevant data point is in one location, facilitating smooth end-to-end project communication and management. EPIC helps designated team members identify risks early to minimize costs and preserve  schedules.

EnSpect Inspection Platform

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In today’s world where project execution and multi-stakeholder visibility is of utmost importance, EPIC represents much needed innovation without throwing out time proven traditional project and construction management processes and workflows. EPIC presents a game changing platform for our execution teams and our clients by allowing advanced data collection, powerful analytics and unlimited reporting capabilities in virtually every aspect and discipline from project management and controls, engineering design, civil survey, land and right-of-way and construction management, including quality control inspection.

EnSpect, the field quality control inspection application in EPIC, advances the data collection, reporting, archiving and analytics regarding construction to unparalleled levels. Instead of traditional paper or simple digitized forms, EnSpect uses advanced forms to populate integrated databases for collection of field data on critical material, construction processes, safety observations, personnel and equipment, etc., all time and date stamped and complete with geo-tagged images. Compliance errors and design deviations are identified in real time. The data is fully searchable and includes complete version control, change comments and an audit trail, all immediately available on the web via secure portal. EnSpect has proven to capture and archive data securely and effectively, while making the inspectors’ daily job much easier and efficient. Lastly, EnSpect is easily customized to support each client’s individual preferences and needs.


Automates as it facilitates:

  • Shares, mines and reports EPCM project data
  • Offers designated access via secure web portal
  • Interfaces with clients’ preferred software
  • Turns data into actionable information
  • Helps minimize human error
  • Can be customized for client projects

A full suite of product modules:

  • EnSpect, for mobile inpsection data gathering
  • SurvPipe, for analyzing as-built data for deviations with engineering design in real-time
  • Tool Shed, integrating As Built Survey with Pipeline Construction Quality Management for real time quality control
  • Land/ROW
  • Project Management

A powerful tool for every EPCM professional:

  • Inspectors, surveyors and land agents
  • Quality managers and project managers
  • Engineers and owners
  • Directors and executives

Analytics and Reporting

More than a repository of project information, EPIC is a smart tool that can assist with forecasting, identification of trends and analysis. The platform uses PowerBI by Microsoft to process and visualize the gathered field data in a usable and intuitive format. EPIC also integrates with Primavera by Oracle, ArcMap by ESRI and Sharepoint-OneDrive by Microsoft to deliver the most powerful reporting capabilities in the industry.