Why EnSiteUSA

Our engineers apply experienced backed insight and expertise to your project.

We have an uncommon depth and breadth of field experience. At EnSiteUSA, we combine our experience and expertise with innovation, embracing advanced technologies to continuously improve. We learn from the past, but we’re looking directly into the future.

What does our experience mean to you? It means we can see opportunities and obstacles in the field that aren’t immediately apparent during design. It also means we can leverage these sightlines across each phase and sequence of the project, revealing synergies and value while minimizing risk.

Most significantly, we know how important it is to complete your project on time and within budget. And we know where to find the best solution, the right solution — your solution.

One-Stop EPCM

EnSiteUSA is a full-service EPCM company. Supported by a seasoned team, those services can be configured however you need them, either turnkey or as a standalone offerings.

  • Project Development Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Land/ROW Services
  • Surveys
  • Engineering & Design
  • Mapping/GIS
  • Construction Management
  • Inspection
  • Operations & Maintenance Consulting
  • Bundled EPCM Services

Proprietary EPIC Technology

The EnSiteUSA Project Information Center (EPIC) is a state of the art data management platform, facilitating communication and cost efficiency throughout the EPCM chain.

  • Central repository for all critical project information
  • Pipeline-relevant and user-friendly
  • Demonstrates compliance in the event of an audit
  • Enables real-time reporting and transparency
  • Helps identify potential problems earlier
  • Ideal for maintaining project quality
  • Configurable to client-specific needs

Diversity and Depth of Experience

From pipeline and facility projects for the oil and gas industry to utility infrastructure, EnSiteUSA offers a wide range of field-proven project experience. This gives us a unique advantage.

  • A wider perspective, for a wider choice of solutions
  • Understanding of and adaptability to client methodologies
  • Multidisciplinary expertise for smoother stage transitions
  • Experience overcoming ever increasing challenges

Committed to You

Our business model is custom engineered to your needs. We can quickly adapt and scale to your unique project requirements and perform efficiently and decisively. Most importantly, we listen.

  • Developing and maintaining relationships is a priority
  • Our work is deadline-focused
  • Communication lines are always open
  • Problems are resolved in a timely manner
  • We share resources across teams to ensure project success