Technology Solutions

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A long legacy of looking forward.

At EnSiteUSA, we embrace technology, extending it naturally into our service offering while seamlessly interfacing with your platform preferences.

Field Technologies

With 3D laser scanning, EnSiteUSA can create highly accurate, geospatial models of your facility, providing you with data-rich, ESRI-compatible surveys. This is an ideal tool for older facilities that lack drawings and data. Our aerial laser scanning (LiDAR) capabilities can add landscape and bathymetric data, penetrating vegetation and providing true ground elevation.

Office Technologies

Our robust in-house Project Controls platform offers a range of control capabilities, including scheduling, analytics, reporting and assessment of KPIs, earned value and project progress.

Our total project management platform, EnSiteUSA Project Information Center (EPIC), facilitates communication and drives cost efficiency across the EPCM value chain. Providing a home for all critical project information, it offers valuable foresight for avoiding problems and improving performance.

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